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Posting System 
23rd-Mar-2014 05:38 pm
Posters must use the following format

Your community: community name / link
Active or inactive: Is this game already running? Or is this a startup.
About the game: Noteworthy information such as (but not limited to) game style, writing style, premise, activity level, community population / size and etc.
Fandom(s) involved: You can list the fandoms/OCs represented at your game currently as well as explain which fandoms the game was built for, if any
Application or open game: Closed membership - apps only, closed membership - no app, open membership, etc.
Game rating: All ages, adults only, 18+ etc. As well as trigger and mature content warnings.
Number of mods wanted: #
Experience: Necessary / Unnecessary / Preferred. Description of experience wanted etc.
Contact via: Contact info. / method.
Notes: Anything else you need to add.

Copypasta template here:

This information can also be found on the community profile.

Have we missed something? If you have an edit to our posting format you'd like to suggest please post it here.
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