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Mod Most Wanted
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Find new moderators for your communities and future communities.

Who's enabling the enablers?

Modmostwanted is a requesting community for moderators. If your community, or community-to-be needs moderators put up an ad and find the help you and your community needs.

posting system.

Posters must use the following format:

Your community: community name / link
Active or inactive: Is this game already running? Or is this a startup.
About the game: Noteworthy information such as (but not limited to) game style, writing style, premise, activity level, community population / size etc.
Fandom(s) involved: You can list the fandoms/OCs represented at your game currently as well as explain which fandoms the game was built for, if any
Application or open game: Closed membership - apps only, closed membership - no app, open membership, etc.
Game rating: All ages, adults only, 18+ etc. As well as trigger and mature content warnings.
Number of mods wanted: #
Experience: Necessary / Unnecessary / Preferred. Description of experience wanted etc.
Contact via: Contact info. / method.
Notes: Anything else you need to add.

Copypasta template here:

tagging system.

Tag posts by game type AND fandoms involved. (Use multiple tags to denote the fandoms represented at your game or select panfandom to include all.)
Example: [game] - musebox, [fandom : book] game of thrones, [fandom : movie] looter, [fandom : other] fairytales, [fandom : other] OCs

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